An Englishman with a passion for all things German - that's me, Alan Pringle.


I have a degree in German and French from the University of Birmingham and have 35 years practical experience of working with the German language. That has involved translation of websites, company literature and autobiographical material.


"Erlebte Geschichte" has a particular meaning for Germans. "Experienced history" is the literal translation but it has a far deeper meaning. The defining feature of how Germany has come to terms with its past is the way in which it has tried to keep the collective memory of ordinary people alive. The motivation for myself as a translator is to make these memories available for an English speaking audience. 


As a teacher of languages I was always able to maintain my knowledge of German at a high level. This also enabled me to maintain close ties with Germany and as a result I have a detailed understanding of German culture and history. Both privately and professionally I continue to strive to extend my knowledge. I take every opportunity to keep my knowledge up to date.


Above all, I believe there are aspects of the German experience which are insufficiently known in English speaking countries. My hope is that I can play a part in making sure personal stories and memories are not lost. 


About me